Nepali cookbook “The Taste of Himalayan” in the book market

सगरमाथा पोस्ट
सगरमाथा पोस्ट ९ श्रावण २०८०, मंगलवार
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 Kathmandu – A cookbook called “The Taste of Himalayan” prepared under the campaign to establish the original Nepali Raithane food in the world market has been released. Food guru Suresh Chandra Basnet, a social campaigner who is involved in the campaign to commercialize food around the world through the use of traditional food items grown in Nepali land, has covered the ways of making Nepali food based on traditional Nepali culture in “The Taste of Himalayan”. In order to promote Nepali cuisine not only at the international level but also within Nepal, Basnet has included in the book how to prepare Raithane food of various ethnic groups representing the seven provinces and make dishes from the spices used at home in the Tarai, Hills and Himalayan regions. The writer Basnet is the President of Gastronomy Tourism Association of Nepal and has been developing and expanding Nepali cuisine for the past three decades through creative style in cooking in dozens of different hotels, restaurants and educational institutions. Studying the relationship between quality food and local culture, national development through various national and international tourism, service and social organizations, tourism promotion and social service, identification of original Nepali food that reflects the culture of Nepal, research, promotion of new food using Raithane crops and spices to introduce Nepal to the world market and Basnet has been making a high contribution in the field of gastronomy tourism

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